We at 350atl.org are excited to be part of the energized campaigns going on right now in Atlanta, working to ensure not only sustainable growth and creative resilience but rich opportunities for our creative, diverse, and visionary people. Atlanta is not only one of the first cities to have a climate action plan, but is currently working on a plan to transition to 100% clean energy within 20 years. The necessary technology leadership, social entrepreneurs, and creative start-up endeavors needed for this and related initiatives are emerging from our dynamic and diverse population. And all this is surrounded by a rich natural and agricultural region of mountains, rivers, farms, forests, and coastline. No city could be better endowed to meet the challenges from climate change that will increasingly become part of our lives. The challenges are real.

Already we see the local intensification of storms, record-breaking temperatures, the shifting northward of plant hardiness zones, coastal erosion, and increasing numbers of species and Georgia ecosystems declared in imminent danger from climate change impact. The Southeastern region and metropolitan Atlanta specifically has been designated high risk status from climate change impact, largely due to the vulnerability of those living in poverty, much of which is race based and seeing little progress. The coming decades are likely to bring population dislocation from coastal areas, agricultural stress from changing climate conditions, growing stress on infrastructure from storms and the demands of hotter weather, the need for rapid changes in energy use and transportation, and more. AND… there is much we can do now to prepare, adapt, avert, and mitigate, but we must start now.

There are many ways you can be an agent of change and progress, and we at 350atl.org will help you move in that direction. We are establishing a progressive climate action grassroots Atlanta movement that will further our local goals and needs via weekly postings of events, ideas for how to start at home, training and education workshops, informative presentations for school and businesses, political action, and collaboration with other metro stakeholders. Sign up and come share your ideas and talents in our early growth days, or sign up and stay tuned over the coming months as we flourish in and with our vibrant, challenging, and transforming metro Atlanta!