Get Involved

We at are just now getting off the ground, smack in the middle of Atlanta’s 100% Clean Energy campaign! We are moving quickly to support that campaign as well as to cross traditional lines of division, creating ways to unite our diverse people around a vision of our future that we can all work for. There is a lot to do, so come add your ideas and energy to ours, and let’s get started!

Right now we want you to join us by:

  1. Spreading the word about the Atlanta city government’s resolution to make our entire city run on 100% Clean Energy by 2035, using social media, personal contact, organizational networks, door-to-door canvassing, and any other way you can think of. Here is the link to campaign information and survey, and please let us know what you need to support your efforts:
  2. Contacting the (new) mayor and (new) city council to make sure they share your vision for Atlanta, letting them know you want them to throw their full support behind the Clean Energy Plan that will begin implementation this January, one that will go far toward putting Atlanta on a safe, sustainable, and prosperous path. Here is the link to the city’s executive branch phone numbers, including the Office of the Mayor and the Office of Sustainability. Stay in touch as we find out who our new mayor is: Here is the link to the Atlanta City Council; the membership will soon be changing to THOSE WHO WILL VOTE ON THE RESOLUTION:
  3. Attending the Community Conversations happening NOW around the city, a great opportunity to ask questions, share your ideas, and meet others who share your concerns. See our calendar for scheduled meetings, and stay in touch for events and meetings not yet posted.
  4. Becoming an active part of the campaign to educate Atlantans about the LOCAL IMPACT OF CLIMATE CHANGE, and WAYS WE WILL ENSURE A SUSTAINABLE AND PROSPEROUS FUTURE FOR ALL. We will do this by holding events, making presentations, developing social media campaigns, creating coalitions with a wide range of organizations, and much more.

Contact either of the following to go further: Austen Carr at; or Tom Thrasher at


So join us now, not only for the sake of our future, but for the sake of those who come after us. The ones blowing the bubbles, laughing and playing, looking to us for guidance and leadership.