Austen Carr, Founder

Austen Carr

I recently moved from Missoula, Montana to Atlanta with my husband and two young daughters. A high school English teacher by training, I have worked as a baker, a soccer coach, a travel planner and a mom. Recently, my dear childhood friend said “well, you’ve always liked things that are complicated”. This simple statement resonated with me as something true that I hadn’t been directly aware of in myself. And so what better work than climate activism? I feel fortunate to have a met a great group of people in Atlanta to pursue this complicated work with. Come join us!

Reagon Rodgers, Leadership

Reagan Rogers

I am a native Floridian and moved to Atlanta in 2015. One of the benefits of moving to Atlanta is that I’m now closer to family, particularly my nephews. Last year, I watched my nephew give an interview after the March for Science, and I was amazed that an 11 year old understood what so many do not. It moved me to want to do more to help protect our planet. I’m thankful I found 350ATL; I’ve met so many great people that are just as passionate about saving our environment.

Dana Elliott

Dana Elliott

Atlanta has offered me the riches of place, family, and creativity. Originally from San Francisco, I am a graphic designer who is passionate about helping brands express themselves and design-thinking for the public good. Our collective well-being is dependent on a sustainable, healthy planet. I deeply want today’s kids, their kids, and the next generation of kids to live their lives on a healthy Mother Earth.

United Nations Secretary-General U Thant spoke of Spaceship Earth on Earth Day, March 21, 1971 at the ceremony of the ringing of the Japanese Peace Bell: “May there only be peaceful and cheerful Earth Days to come for our beautiful Spaceship Earth as it continues to spin and circle in frigid space with its warm and fragile cargo of animate life.” And may such caring and hopeful sentiments guide us through the coming years.

Tom Thrasher, Leadership

Tom Thrasher

I am a native Atlantan, parent of two wonderful daughters, and former educator who transitioned to full-time climate change activism three years ago (think: “What do you mean, my daughters won’t have a world worth living in!?). My experiences teaching both youth and adults inspires confidence that we will learn how to live harmoniously and creatively in our Miraculous Biosphere! That confidence is confirmed by the wisdom, heart, and energy of this amazing group of people who have come together to launch Atlanta’s first grassroots climate action organization. After raising a family in the mountains, where I still love to go, I’m excited to dive back into this vibrant urban dance and be part ot the Resurgent City’s journey toward a just, resilient, and creative future.

Maria Banjo, 350Atl

Maria Banjo

I am an adventure seeker, Prosecutor for the Dekalb County D.A. Office (Elder Abuse Unit), former Public Defender, and active Metro Atlanta politico, passionately promoting criminal justice reform and advocating for the voiceless in the community. I conduct training throughout our community for students, parents, business owners, and others on domestic violence, sexual assault, sexual harassment, and Title IX rights. My passion for public service and justice naturally made climate justice action with the team a great fit, working for a just transition to a sustainable future for us all! My experiences as a student leader at Agnes Scott College and scholar/activist of international human rights while earning a J.D. at John Marshall Law school-Chicago gave me the tools to use in our work for justice on many fronts. While working as a Law Clerk for the Council on American-Islamic Relations in Chicago, studying international human rights in the Israel/Palestine/West Bank area, and later studying the NAFTA free-trade agreement and women’s rights in Guadalajara, Mexico, my understanding of the challenges that we all face deepened, as well as the need for a united effort to solve those challenges. And in-between riding my fixed-gear bike all over town to work and events, I do find time for some country line dancing and graphic design!

Veronique Pryor, Architect

Veronique Pryor

I am a French architect, working in Atlanta for the past 30 years. I specialize in building design where pediatric healthcare services are provided with an emphasis on sustainability. With my husband, we joined after the new administration pulled out of the Paris Climate Accord, and decided it was time to become active! We are excited about being part of making sure that Atlanta continues to provide leadership in urban sustainability.